Top 5 Reasons why businesses Go Google – Infographic

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Cloud is where the future of business innovation lies. Moving to the cloud is more than just adopting a new technology platform. It is transforming the way businesses deliver value to their customers. With even the largest enterprises realizing its value and true potential, cloud is actually getting the businesses what they want. Millions of businesses have already embraced cloud with Google for Work. Explore the Top 5 reasons why Read More

Introducing Drive for Work

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Have you ever felt Restricted in terms of Storage while working on an important document or while creating that Marketing Video or a Marketing Collateral for your Organisation? Did you ever have to delete some of your important files to free up your storage to create new ones? Did you have to buy additional storage and manage it as a backup drive and carry it with you wherever you went?

Today, we at Searce as the Google for Work Premier Partners are pleased to announce a solution for all of the concerns listed above – Drive for Work. Drive for Work helps you… Read More

Upgrading from InstaOffice to Google Apps for Work

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Businesses aim to multiply productivity and reach bigger playgrounds. For this to happen, people should be able to come together and connect easily to share ideas, work on them together, develop them and get things done at anytime and from anywhere. People communicate and connect across organizations using various tools. Thus, aim of technology should be to make things easier and faster giving people freedom to do their best work. This requires continuous innovation in business communication and collaboration like those found in Google Apps for Work.

InstaOffice was a complete suite of… Read More